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Born to Create_

We were born to create. Vandal’s design philosophy is functional, efficient, and aesthetically focused. Our design work draws inspiration from iconic race designers, visual surface designers and aerodynamic forms. The One was inspired by angles and radii of formula cars, with adapted surfaces for aerodynamic function from LMP and low-drag sports prototypes.

Engineered to Win_

The Vandal team includes former McLaren, Lotus, Lola, and Mazda engineers. Our platforms are engineered with technologies and engineering analysis commonly reserved to Formula 1 cars. The Vandal One has gone through extensive CFD and FEA, and was completely designed and developed in CAD and CAE environments. On-track testing and durability analysis has validated all design decisions.


Safe at Speed_

Safety is incredibly important to the mission of Vandal. The One is the only vehicle in production with a full survival cell, FIA-spec front, rear and side impact protection, with package engineering for a HANS device.

6 Point HANS specific harness

Zylon side-intrusion panels

Rear crash attenuator

Lateral neck braces

Front crash box

Collapsable steering column


Obsolescence Obsolete_

The Vandal One chassis has a flat plane floor attachment system which allows for future adaptability for stylistic evolution. Future body themes and aero updates will be compatible with the chassis architecture.  We have established key chassis hard-points that allow for future body themes and panels to be integrated.  We want the Vandal One to be your performance car for life.

Boundaries Pushed_

At Vandal, performance is everything to us. From the optimization of every last fastener, to the extraction of every last pound of boost, performance is in our souls. The One knows no production competition on a road course.


Connection Made_

Vandal's cars feature best-in-world connectivity, with the Vandal Cloud. Owners can share car setup data, in-car camera recordings, lap times, and driving inputs.

Onboard data streaming

Performance analysis

Server back-up

Session telemetry

Vandal One
Launch Edition

The Launch Edition model is limited to only 50 units.