Factory Service_

Vandal provides factory support, and its mobile service vans cover most of the Midwest. Your vehicle can alternatively be serviced at the Vandal factory in metro Detroit, with convenient national logistics. We are also rolling out approved Vandal service and setup centers through the US, Europe and the Far East in 2019. Service will be available through the Vandal Cloud app launching in 2019.


Trackside Setup

Vandal provides trackside setup services which include everything from alignment, to data analysis, to driver coaching. Trackside support services can be booked with the Vandal Cloud native app, launching in 2019.

Performance alignment

Data analysis

Systems monitoring

Mechanic support


Owner Events

Vandal will offer owners events, which will include track day excursions, rallies, car shows, and social experiences.


Operating Costs_

Vandal service parts are specified to withstand vigorous track usage. They are also engineered to allow owners to operate Vandal Ones at almost 1/5 of the cost of other track cars from premium manufacturers. Here are examples of the price of consumable parts for the Vandal One compared to a 2018 Porsche GT3. As demonstrated, weight has its advantages.

Brake Rotor
One: $174.23
GT3: $607.32
Front Brake Pads
One: $174.23
GT3: $566.21
Rear Brake Pads
One: $138.24
GT3: $478.52
Engine Rebuild
One: $3,876.21
GT3: $34,561.92
Oil Change
One: $198.32
GT3: $512.83