The Vandal One team wrapped up another successful round of chassis and powertrain development at the M1 Concourse.  The Vandal One chassis mule never missed a beat, logging another 200 miles of part and wide-open throttle conditions.  The emphasis and focus was on power delivery, cooling package refinement and chassis dynamics. This builds upon Vandal’s covert chassis development program for the One which has spanned the past year.

On the docket was a round of test sessions, with trackside data assessments and driver feedback.  All vehicle systems on the One were closely monitored via the GEMs GDi80 with an array of full production sensors.

The cooling package was working flawlessly with closely monitored water, oil and intake charge temperatures to the Honda K20C1.  The large cores of the PWR radiators were providing significant capacity, with ample overhead to compensate for added boost and thermal loads of Vandal One’s engine options.  Paddock performance was extremely pleasing with thermal management fully in check on long idle periods. Low speed drivability is being worked on with a significant focus on part-throttle application and 1-2 and 2-1 shift events.

Recent calibration updates proved very successful as power delivery of the base 93 octane calibration was stable and predictable.  A lot mid-corner part-throttle transition events were smooth and reliable. Power was coming on incredibly strong, putting the Pirelli P-Zero Slicks through their paces.  WOT performance was assertive and manageable with no notable hiccups or surging in long straightaway runs. The bespoke Honda K20C1 has been extremely reliable throughout the entire Vandal One testing program.

The chassis setup was dialed in around track conditions and recent weight balancing work.  Setup for the development track was a bit more conservative than longer 2+ mile road courses, in which camber, toe and ride height adjustments proved to keep the tire wear and temperatures pretty even.

Recent chassis work has set up a strong entry point to more advanced Winter powertrain development work which is well underway on the chassis dyno and engine lab.  This final powertrain development work will be wrapped up with ample time for units delivered in 2019.