Vandal leveraged AR (augmented reality) extensively in the package assessment and engineering analysis of the One.  It helped the engineering and styling teams evaluate surface changes and package considerations. Being able to see and interact with changes at 1:1 scale was incredibly important when considering proportion, occupant package, and ingress/egress.

Vandal leveraged Unity and Vuforia for early analysis.  Design surface models were translated into FBX files and loaded into Unity for rendering of the AR experience through Vuforia.  Engineers were able to walk around key body assemblies and system subassemblies to analyze surface changes for the benefit of aero and package.

In early stages of body surface development in 2017, the Vandal engineering team was physically able to walk around the virtual model of the One with iPad Pros to evaluate styling and aero changes.  The benefit of using high poly count models was evident, as detailed imaging of fasteners, attachments strategies and production feasibility was also facilitated.

This method of virtual prototyping has become more commonplace because of mainstream availability of virtualization platforms.  Vandal has utilized Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore in addition to Unity and Vuforia to provide for more advanced features and SDK compatibility.

3D models that served as early engineering virtual surfaces also evolved into the Vandal One AR app surfaces.  By leveraging the same file formats, the team at Vandal was able to develop and launch iOS and Android versions to allow potential customers to interact with the One.

The Vandal One app utilizes technologies including horizontal plane detection, will be one of the first to take advantage of object detection.  The object detection suite will also be leveraged at a later point in time for service tools and programs.

Vandal will continue to leverage AR for advanced body assemblies for the One chassis, and future vehicle programs.  The team has also been experimenting with MR, which would include more advanced hardware including Magic Leap, and HoloLens.

Vandal’s mission of utilizing technology intuitively and efficiently is fulfilled by using virtualization and virtual prototyping.  Outside of internal use, expect more augmentation from Vandal to further enhance the ownership experience.