Early in development of the chassis of the One, the central vision of the Vandal brand and product ownership experience was a key criteria.  Unique to this level of sports cars, the One features a chassis that facilitates future updates and stylistic adaptation. So what does that actually mean?

The chassis on the Vandal One is built around flat carbon fiber front and rear floor sections that dually serve as key aerodynamic members and also as body system ground planes.  These body system ground planes are essentially flat attachment members that allow for future body styles to be adapted onto the One. Building up off the planes can allow for new sidepod configurations, new fender attachments, new engine covers, and new front clips.

We conceived the One to be a performance car for a lifetime.  While iconic designs do last the test of time, we wanted to give our owners the flexibility to accommodate their own stylistic preferences as we evolve styles around the chassis platform.  There is really no other chassis in this world that has been conceived to be upgraded and adapted in this context.

This also gives our bespoke operations team the ability to create custom body deviations for individual owners.  We can utilize rapid tooling processes to be able make one-off creations inspired by unique creative direction. Because visual design is integral to our brand direction, we wanted flexibility to explore surfaces on an individualized basis.

Vandal has plans to release additional design concepts that are harmonious with the One chassis, its ground plane system and hardpoints.  This always allows us to be relevant and fresh, but still preserve the iconic designs that are central to our DNA.